8 How to Decorate The First Couple Apartment Ideas

The first couple apartment is commonly small. Nevertheless, don’t let it lack of style. There have been so many apartment ideas to decorate a tiny rented place, including the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room.

1. The Airy Living And Dining Room

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Living in a small space needs clever arrangement. The key rule is uphold. The details could be the open shelving, open space, light color scheme, and the eclectic decor. You can take your own personal taste as a young couple into your first apartment together.

2. Hipster Living Room

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If you are into the playful color and decor, you can go for it. As long as you see the rule, which is the main furniture should be in neutral tones. For example, you can put the retro dining chairs and table along with the open shelves. To give you extra picnic vibe to the dining room, a patch of ‘grass’ work well.

3. Urban Industrial

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Renting or buying the first apartment as couples might end up in an urban city. Young couples tend to go for their goals in big cities, even after tying the knot. If you are living in this urban environment but are not into something modern minimalist, the urban industrial can be a smart solution for apartment ideas. The functional design of staples would be great standing together with eclectic decorative elements. The example would be the retro armchair, blinds and floor lamp.

4. Workspace And Play Area

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No matter how small or how limited your budget is, make it an inviting one. The eclectic elements could be blend well to the traditional rug and stool.

5. Patterned Colors

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Creating enough color is never wrong. The statements pieces could be the colorful pillows, the wall painting and eclectic coffee table. To make your room balanced, the white couches are the best choice.

6. Creamy Comfort

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Besides living room, the bedroom also needs special touch, such as by giving light and simple color scheme. Place the bed underneath the window directly to get morning sunlight. This neutral room should be completed with something different, such as the dash color painting.

7. Scandinavian Style

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This one is suitable for modern couple who love modern elements, such as the lighting. Besides having a desk lamp-like fixture, you can add a romantic vibe by adding a chandelier.

8. Smart Storage

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This one is suitable for you who have more budget to buy custom-made things, such as the loft bed, a sofa with drawers beneath, and the stairs fitted with drawers, etc.



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