9 Super Easy DIY Decorating Desk Ideas on Budget

Creativity is key for whatever decorating ideas you have. If someone is lack of it, applying the desk ideas may be tough. As decorating the cubicle is not just painting or swapping out the furniture. Some of the desk ideas below will throw away the monotonous vibe on your working space with less money to spend. These following ideas may not help you doing your work but at least you have extra energy and mood to make them done.

And let’s check them out:

1. Clean it Up

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This is the most basic step to do, which is by organizing things. You could purchase some organizers or do it by yourself. As long as they could keep all your things in place, they would do well. So, you would never find your desk drown in pens nor papers in daily basis.

2. DIY Desk Calendar

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This is a digital era, why don’t you just look at your smartphone or computer for finding out what date is it? Nope, the traditional thing is way better this time. There are various DIY desk calendar you can create to add some fun on your desk.

3. Cheerful Mousepad

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Even most of your cubicle is basic and monotonous, jazz it up with beautiful mousepad. Just go and find the one suits your personality best.

4. Ceramic Containers

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We can say that this is one of the most beautiful yet chic desk ideas for women. Store your stuffs on them. The simple pattern and color will give you extra valuable thing to look at while boredom is passing by.

5. A Gallery Wall

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You can start bringing your favorite quotes, art work and pictures to your cubicle wall as if it is your personal gallery wall.

6. Tropical Bulletin Board

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After creating a gallery wall, the bulletin board will do well either, such as as a reminder of some meetings, appointments, etc. The tropical style is like giving mood booster so you won’t feel like getting stuck in the narrow cubicle all the time.

7. Succulent

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This kind of greenery does not need extra maintenance, so it won’t disturb your work. Handle them well and they will give you cubicle life.

8. Wrap Up The Cords

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Chaos in the cubicle is sometimes created by the cords everywhere. Wrap them up in some colored tape. You will see them tidy and clean.

9. Books As a Decor

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This literally a lively decor. Some good book with a pair of cool book ends will create different vibe.



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