5 DIY Living Room Decor that Challenges Your Creativit

The DIY living room decor projects will always be one of the most inspiring ideas of any home decoration, including for your living room. It usually provides any simple, unique and low budget or even using any secondhand kinds of stuff you can find in your house. Here some DIY living room decor you might consider to be applied as your DIY living room decoration.

1. DIY Wall Art

Source: racetho.com

This idea has come out from the challenge which is held by Pinterest and it is easy to be done by yourself. This is a very simple and fast way to beautify your living room wall with low-budget stuff instead of spending a little bit more for any expensive wall art out there. It is only made by a plain canvas with your very own design on it. Although it is very simple, if you put your best, it is not impossible your work looks like a professional and sophisticated.

2. 3D Geometric Wall Art

Source: pinterest.ph

This DIY living room decor idea might seem a little bit complicated, but it is not that hard as it looks even relatively inexpensive. You can challenge your creativity by deciding the color and pattern you will execute that match very well with the general decoration theme of your living room.

3. Fabric Cushion Knit

Source: lynwang.me

Getting the perfect pattern is the key to the making of fabric cushion. You can find any fabric cushion pattern tutorial on the internet freely which is easy to emulate. By creating your very own fabric cushion knit, you can make it as unique as you want it to be that may elevate your living room decoration looks.

4. Mason Jar Monogram Light

Source: keyomer.com

As we have known, the Mason jar can be an alternative for any DIY decoration ideas. And for your DIY living room decor idea, you can make a monogram light. This can be an outstanding and unique way for the lighting point of your living room that will definitely impress your visitors very well. The jar is used to cover the lights for creating some subtle and warm light effect.

5. Honeycomb Shelves

Source: decor.mylifehere.xyz

This is a unique and fabulous way to create a storage space for your living room decoration. This idea needs an extra effort to create because you have to make it sure looks like the real honeycomb shapes construction. But once it is already complete, it will never let you down by its beauty and perfect functional aesthetic piece hang on your living room wall.



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