6 DIY Living Room Decor Projects to Elevate Your Space

A room that plays the role of the nerve center of the house since this place is being the place where most people come to be gathered, including your friends.  Therefore, you need to make an excellent impression through the decoration because it might be staying any longer than you think. And DIY living room decor ideas are best for you who don’t want to spend a lot even for having such a unique and personal touch on your living room decoration. You can also use some secondhand kinds of stuff from your house and challenge your creativity.

1. Wooden Blanket Leader

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This idea of DIY living room decor doesn’t have to be hard and pricey. The construction of the piece is simple but it will add some unique, chic and strong character to your living room.

2. Old Windows

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This idea might be an option for you who want to add any retro vibes to your living room through a DIY project. This will be a great simple artwork with a little functional touch by only take two planks and drill them on your old window for creating some shelf.

3. Painted Bottle Vases

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Elevate the allure of your living room by replacing your blind and bored old vases with this unique and cute painted bottle vases. You can make it your own by collecting any used bottles from your kitchen, clean them up and painted them with your leftover paint. Fast and simple DIY living room decor

4. Simple Wheels Coffee Table

Source: pinkpetuniapearl.com

A simple and unique coffee table that might be an adorable spotlight of your living room. It is only constructed by some pine boards that combined with the wheels in each table’s legs.

5. Storage Sofa

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One of the advantages of having a storage sofa is it has a storage space that can be used for extra blankets and pillows. It also has another function to be an extra bed for your guests. Make your storage sofa by only spending about $100-$150. That is a quite affordable price rather than buy any kind of this sofa in the furniture store.

6. Song Lyric Wall Art

Source: whymaxx.com

This idea can be an alternative for you from buying any expensive artworks. You may make your wall art which contains some of your favorite song lyrics as your personal statement and hang or display it in your living room wall.

So, which one will you do first?



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