6 Smart Ways to Build DIY Outdoor Furniture on a Budget

Doing a rather heavy DIY project, such as DIY outdoor furniture¸ may be challenging yet frightening for some people. But if you have limited budget and need having a new outdoor furniture, just slap all those fear. Be brave and get some super easy DIY outdoor furniture ideas to help you getting through this hard time.

Here are some DIY outdoor furniture ideas that will fulfill your need:

1. Cedar Potting Bench

Source: homewil.com

This is super easy and perfectly fit to organize your plants outside. While you are having issues with space, try this one.

2. A Wooden Bench

Source: inboundmarketingsummit.com

You can do this project on weekend and finish sooner than you can imagine. This project can be finished in a couple of hours, although you are not a woodworker. The materials you need are 18 screws and two boards. Talking about the money you spend on this, it is $25.

3. Arbor And Benches

Source: tr.pinterest.com

If you have larger back or front yard, why don’t you start building something beautiful to give you a simple retreat? You can build this one on your deck or install it on your existing patio. Besides for the sake of your own retreat matter, this arbor and bench will welcome your guests better.

4. A Wooden Bench

Source: pinterest.ru

If you are planning to have an outdoor gathering, then this simple project should be done immediately. As large gathering may need copious seating. The materials you need for this project are treated lumber or other rot-resistant wood, such as cypress and cedar. By having this additional outdoor bench, your gathering can support numerous guests. And you just need to add the cushions to make them more comfortable.

5. A Fire Table

Source: homeideaplans.com

This one is an awesome addition to your outdoor furniture. Besides, it provides a new centerpiece. Thus, your skill to do this project should be appreciated. Show them that you have done it well.

6. Tile-Top Table

Source: ideaboz.com

This is the perfect combination of metalwork, woodworking and tiling technique. You may need several day to build this one but it is super worth to try. Having a perfect combination of the hand-bent metal legs, and the plywood or mosaic tiles top is such a pride. You can show off this project as originally yours to your family and friends. And this is super beautiful with its Mediterranean vibe to be placed on your patio. This project needs between $100 and $500, it depends on the quality of materials you choose.



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