6 Super Recommended Hidden Bed to Save More Space

The Murphy bed or hidden bed is also called as wall beds. And people tend to believe that this one is the best space-saver for small space. They are usually put in the living rooms, kid’s rooms and small studio apartments. All of those hidden bed have double duty as the previous stated.

And if you are still confuse to choose the most suitable hidden bed for your space and budget, here are some of recommendation:

1. Butte Queen

Source: idesignarch.com

This one is worth $9,199.99. The features are including an open bookshelf. This is kind of modern Murphy bed that will fit to any home decor. By these open bookshelves, you can store some essentials, such as accessories, family pictures and books. It gives you one easy move to go from a sofa to a comfortable bed.

2. Violetta Queen

Source: joat-london.co.uk

Give it $1,629.99 to bring it home. This hidden bed provides desk so you can do your works in this super attractive furniture. You can get both home office desk and bed. So, this one is super perfect for your home office idea.

3. Full Wall Bed

Source: homebnc.com

This one is worth $1,108.79. Besides providing a comfortable bed, it gives you a large and beautiful cabinet if you fold it up. The way to fold and unfold is super easy, which is by pulling on the handle and flipping down the support leg. The guest room is the place where it belongs.

4. Compatto Wall Bed

Source: archidea.com.ua

Spend around $6,695.00 – $7,995.00 to get this super fantastic furniture. This is a neat package of a bedroom, dining room and vertical storage. This one provides the shelves with a larger library, where you can store some books or others. With a simple twist, your bookshelves are hidden away and your bed is ready for you to lay down.

5. Gautreau Twin

Source: glamorhouz.com

This furniture screams $4,599.99 to bring it home. By having this one, you will get a sleeping area everywhere! You should not be worry of choosing this one as the materials are sturdy and durable, which is white high gloss laminate chipboard. Get the puzzled away while your family or friend is coming, just open and unfold the interior bed area and you will get extra space using one hand! Can you imagine? So, this one supports 3 people sleeping comfortably.

6. Nantucket Bed Chest

Source: amzhouse.com

This one is worth $1,073.97. This queen size bed can be tucked away in a beautiful chest.



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