7 How to Make Modern and Country Kitchen Designs Blend Better

A blended style of modern and country kitchen designs can be got from the shaker-style kitchen cabinets. If you are planning to redesign your kitchen, this shaker-style kitchen cabinet is something to look for investment. To get this look, you can choose solid wood materials and in-frame doors. You should not leave the wood materials raw, they are better got a wax finish or a varnish, or even paint them to the color matches to your entire kitchen scheme.

And to cover all you need of the right country kitchen designs, check some ideas below:

1. Freestanding Furniture

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This type of furniture gives you more flexibility and works well with irregular walls.

2. The Right Worktops

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This is kind of vital element in your kitchen, especially if you are having a kitchen island. You can choose whether stone or wood worktops, but make sure you choose the standard choice. If you prefer the stone, then you should avoid too shiny or bold. The choice should be natural brown or red granite with a matt finish. Whereas the wooden worktops may be look more common in country kitchen designs. It is true that the wooden worktops require low maintenance. If this one is your preference, then try mixing them, which is the harder materials on working area (that are used to chop or else) and the higher maintenance materials for safer area (such as breakfast bar).

3. Choose a Country Kitchen Sink

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The country kitchen designs will be represented well by this deep sink. The most common is ceramic version. For modern fusion, you can choose a durable stainless steel sink.

4. Find The Suitable Flooring

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By this time, you need to look at the practicalities. The first choice would be flagstone, and followed by wooden flooring at the second choice. But if you consider installing underfloor heating, you may choose engineered wood flooring or floor tiles. As both of them work better with this type of heating system.

5. Tackle The Layout

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In modern era, the concept of work triangle still works best. As it creates efficient work and reduce your footprint around your kitchen area.

6. Consider A Utility Room

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By the back door, you can place a bench. It helps you sitting down while hanging your coats and taking off your boots.

7. Consider The Timber Beams

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This simple solution may not have a perfect cut and design, but it represents the country kitchen designs well.



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