8 How to Style the Double Bathroom Sink Ideas

Double vanity may look fabulous in your bathroom, but it also needs much more consideration of the styling and decoration ideas. We cannot adapt bathroom sink ideas without take some advices and see your own bathroom. We all know everyone has different needs. Some may have two kids at home and need to install double vanity to practical issue, while other are prefer the single one to the space issue.

Hence, there are always some ways to catch up the bathroom sink ideas, as follow:

1. Minimalistic Design

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This is one of the most favorite design for most people. This one provides mirror, marble and glass bottles. Choose the neutral sink to get the sleek and clean vibe. Those glass bottles are adding style into your bathroom.

2. Rustic Style

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Lately, you may see that a double sink bathroom may look fit for modern bathroom sink ideas, but don’t get it wrong as it looks great in rustic either. You can start this exploration by adding a wooden base. The additional decorations may be logs and sticks.

3. A Makeup Station

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This is recommended if you have daughter at home and need such a makeup morning routine. Go find a large tray with similar style to your entire bathroom decor, a mirror and little jars and dishes will hold your necessities. You may find these little jars and dishes so cutie. And essential oils should be on that little jars.

4. Sinks With Open Bottoms

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You can apply this idea for both modern and rustic style. You can get extra styling and storage under the sinks. Besides, your bathroom will look mor airy and open.

5. Metal And Wood Double Vanity

Source: krossoutthepast.blogspot.com

You should never choose the plain white tile. There are always some wonderful ways to crate functional and trendy look inside your bathroom, such as this metal and wood double vanity. You can store the essentials inside.

6. Jars

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Here, we are talking about the styling and you might love this one. Choose some jars in various sizes, shapes and colors. Display them on your vanity. Fresh flowers will complete those shiny things.

7. The Raised Sink

Source: pinterest.fr

The fact is, in most cases, this raised sink will draw attention to the actual sink.

8. The Bright Patterned Tile

Source: domino.com

I think it would be permissive to take the attention out of your sink. Give it to the bright patterned tile, and the entire bathroom will be suddenly forgotten in a good way.



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