9 How to Choose Curtains Ideas for Wide Windows

When it comes to windows, size always matters, especially for the wide one. The wide windows are visually inviting as they provide bright gateway. But mostly, having the wide windows have to deal with expensive and other aesthetic issues. Before you start deciding to purchase the window curtain, you may consider some things of curtain ideas:

1. Purpose

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You need to understand the function of it, whether for extra privacy, decoration or light filter?

2. Budget

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This budgeting issue is including the price of curtain rods, curtains and hardware. And single or double center support brackets may be needed for your large windows.

3. Style

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You should match the curtain to the style of your home.

And let’s move on to the curtain ideas for wide windows:

4. Hang Them On The Edge

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This is the economical way to have your large window being well decorated. Try hanging the curtains with one panel on each end. This idea is giving you more light coming from outside and provides better privacy.

5. Hang Multiple Panels

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If you are having a row of multiple windows, try this idea. This one affects the illusion of continuity, so they will look larger and lighter. But you will not get your windows being covered entirely, so if privacy is your thing, move on to the next idea/ method.

6. Hang The Sheer Curtains

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Are you a fan of this elegant and affordable curtain? As it has lightweight, so you don’t need additional draperies. It is perfect for you who love enjoying the view and still getting privacy to maintain. So, this is suitable for bedroom curtain ideas. To add luxurious vibe, try combining multiple sheer panels.

7. Swap Curtains

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Swapping your curtains for window scarves will live up your room. It breaks the traditional look and it fits to any size of windows. Before applying this window scarves, make sure you have enough fabric.

8. Do Not Be Afraid Of The Color and Fabric

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Just remember that your windows are a decor blessing. You can change the look by changing the color and fabric of the curtains. Do not be afraid to experiment with some of them. You will never know how some mix and match games provide different vibe to your home. For example, the velvet drapes and sheer curtains in the center provide luxurious yet modern look.

9. Shades With Curtains

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If you need full privacy or insulation, choose this one, especially during cold season.



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