3 Guide to Create the Proper Fire Pit Designs Fit to Urban Living

Are you living in the city and worrying whether build a fire pit or not? In rural setting, there are some basic rules of fire pit designs you should know, which is a wood and gas burning fire pit should be chosen carefully. In a rural area, gathering with friends around the fire pit is still one of the most favorite things to do. But they still need to be certain adaptation.

Give a look at these following fire pit designs for rural setting:

1. Aesthetics

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It is acceptable to create whatever design you want, but living in a city means you should match anything to the surroundings. Bright color fire glass crystals could be okay by urban living. They evoke both magical fantasy and elegant charm. Hence, the wood-burning fire pit designs should be avoided as they may be problematic here. Consider the smoke that is produced will bring lots of complaints from your neighbors. Who will be responsible if they call emergency service then?

2. Safety

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Make a note that every city has regulation, including burning the wood. So, it is recommended to choose gas-burning fire pits as they produce less smoke. If you are insisted choosing wood-burning fire pit, you may take responsibility as written that about 80-90% of wood smoke contain fine particulate matter leading to irritation t the eyes and lungs. There are numerous safety and health issues following wood-burning fire pits. So, to avoid further risks, choose wisely.

4. Conveniece

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If you have been living in rural area for so long, you may think that the most convenience fire pit designs are wood-burning ones. Yes, if the context is rural; but no for urban setting. In a rural setting, people may easier find wood and they are free. On the contrary, wood is limited and costly in an urban setting. Furthermore, it is easier to maintain and clean up gas-burning fire pit designs than wood-burning ones in an urban setting.

Those guides may help you considering every single decision you make. The level of safety and convenience in rural and urban setting is totally different. For people who spend the whole life in a rural setting and moving recently to urban setting, it may be inconvenience having gas-burning fire pit. But for the sake of safety and so cold regulations, they need to adapt. Ask further about the city regulations of fire pit designs in your city before purchasing or creating one. Good Luck



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