3 The Principles of Farmhouse Designs You Have to Fulfill

Farmhouse designs recently have become a major trend. It should be admitted that these farmhouse designs have beautiful countrified characters that will never be found in any other designs. There are some basic principles that should be fulfilled:

1. Light And Airy Tones

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To get this vibe, paint the wall in white with splashes of green, yellow, red and blue. For more modern vibe, those colors can be broaden, such as soft pinks, light grays, dusty blues, olive greens and mild tans. Furthermore, the wooden furniture should be kept in their natural color or white painted. If you like having an antique look, give gray wash finish to the furniture.

2. A Homestead Kitchen

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Kitchen is the heart of farmhouse designs. While creating the design plan, make sure that kitchen is the area where you put them in all-natural theme, including the natural light. The natural lights can be got by adding a skylight, removing the window dressings, adding a small window above the sink, etc. The additional accents could be brick, stone and wood, such as by adding the wood cabinetry and door. The organic look is perfectly achieved by adding the butcher-block countertops. To complete the vibe, the light-coloring wood flooring is the best choice so far. As for your information, farmhouse designs should cover big family gathering, so a large dining table is a must. Choose a long, sturdy and smooth wooden one with an antique buffet. The farmhouse look is all you have here.

3. A Country Bathroom

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The basic principles are similar to other rooms, which are simple wooden flooring, natural lighting and soft yet delicate tones. Getting to know specifically, you need a cast iron claw foot tub and vintage freestanding bathtub. If you are thinking of another option, a copper tub is acceptable. Actually, there are still some ways to blend the farmhouse designs to other schemes. For example, if you need to make a little bit modern touch, oil rubbed bronze will be a good choice. On the other hand, polished brass faucets will take you to the next level of traditional farmhouse.

If we are going to make a conclusion, the farmhouse accents and principles have to be got in any furniture or fixture you choose. Such as the wood accents. Some modern home designs also have wooden materials, but in different ways of what farmhouse have. In farmhouse design, exposed wooden beams are truly authentic and irreplaceable.



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