4 Backyard Kitchen Ideas for Summer Barbeque Party

We are counting the upcoming of cheerful summer. Almost everyone admit that this is official weather to gather around and enjoy the weather outside. To accompany you enjoying the surrounding, you need some meals; and BBQ party is in! Take one of the most recommended backyard kitchen ideas below might help you arrange the way you prefer the most. Either you need to host a small group of family and friends or the entire neighborhood, BBQ party always needs delicious foods and some refreshments.

Some of the most favorite dishes would be about barbeque sauces, grilling recipes, summer desserts, barbeque side dishes and the cocktails. By having the correct backyard kitchen ideas, you help yourself and your guests to prepare the meals and beverages.


1. A Mediterranean Outdoor Kitchen

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The main design of this outdoor kitchen is to look like it is inside. It is equipped for hosting a party as you can see maximum entertainment stuffs here, such as a large sink, grill, and lots of cabinetry. The additional might be a bar with seats so the guests will get amazingly trapped on their wow-moment. A big table and plenty of seating are a must furniture. The warmth and open ideas can be got by redwood and cedar beams along with a terracotta-like tile flooring. Make the door and windows flow naturally.

2. Traditional Backyard Kitchen Ideas

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The traditional outdoor kitchen always provides so much warmth for everyone around. The characteristic of this design is its bright and cheery paint. The ceiling should be painted in orange and white. Place a refrigerator and dishwasher next to each other so everyone will get it easier to do their kitchen work, such as preparing the meals and cleaning them up afterwards. Do not forget of the pair of vintage lights.

3. Tropical Outdoor Kitchen

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If this is your preference, you need to make it wide and open. A large L-shaped slate bar will be a great place to hang with family or friends, while mounted TV is providing the entertainment. The stuffs to place next by each other are a grill, a sink, and cabinetry. The tropical feeling can be got from the beams overhead, the stones, and several pendant lights.

4. Contemporary Backyard Kitchen Ideas

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By designing this idea, you will get super sleek look with minimal hardware and kitchen appliances, wooden flooring, a wood kitchen island holding a sink and other clean arrangement.



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