5 Easy DIY Bookshelves Made of Used Materials

One of a must have furniture at home is bookshelves. It does not need to be a book worm to have proper bookshelves. If you are having some books or magazines, it would be fun to create DIY bookshelves. Creating this DIY bookshelves just needs a few hours so you can do on the weekend. Besides, it never requires a special woodworking skills. Everyone can easily create one!

1. Refurbish An Old One

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The worn furniture might have lots of memories. This makes people sometimes hard to let them go. By refurbishing your old bookshelves, you could not say a farewell though. To create a new look, you better do stripping and sanding, new coat of paint, and a layer of lacquer. Voila! Your old bookshelves are the turning to be gorgeous as ever.

2. Pipe Fitting One

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If you have a small stack of boards (which are 1×8) and black plumbing pipes, let’s do something good. Those materials provides industrial look and strength. You may see there have been lots of coffee shops adapting the industrial look, now you can own one at home. Thanks to the electric drill that makes your day!

3. Suspended Rope One

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This kind of DIY bookshelves gives you a nautical charm. You cannot ignore the charm of a rope. You can create so many DIY crafts using this simple one, such as lampshade, stair railing, etc. Dare we say that rope is a must have item at household. Be creative and be bold.

4. Grand Piano Shelf

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Tis wall-mounted grand piano shelf might be a conversation starter. If you have a music room, then this is for you. They have large racks to store or display your books or other collections.

5. Flexible One

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The materials you need to create this one are cuts of woods, rope and blocks. Some of you may like the painted blocks.

DIY bookshelves is a kind of project that will be loved by most people. Moreover, if you have a small library at home, you might need something different and unique to make you enoy reading your book collections there. Avoid creating so much distraction, such as too many bright colors at one bookshelf. The color choice should suits your personality and the design of your home. It is fine to add some splash colors to create an accent, but do not paint the entire bookshelves with it.

Let’s get creative this year!



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