5 How to Choose the Right Style of Living Room Mirrors

Mirrors have special touch to make something more differently beautiful. The right mirror decoration affects to the entire vibe of the room. The living room mirrors, if they are placed in well position, make a living room larger and brighter. There are various styles that drag different design schemes in your living room or any part of your home. Let’s check them out:

1. Bone Inlay

Source: binarung.com

This is one of the most favorite styles and we currently now why. The characteristic is in its traditional Indian style craftsmanship. Its elegant style affects the surrounding better, whether it is in living room, bedroom, a hallway, and even a bathroom. This masterpiece has a beautiful mixture of bone and resin. Everyone cannot deny its charm though.

2. A La French Style

Source: yandex.com

Modern French style is commonly hard to emulate at home as they commonly are unique and have intrigue approach. Some people call is as super bold style so it won’t do well for modern minimalist decor. But if you need to apply a la French style, you could do one super simple one, which is the way they lean the mirrors on the wall. Choose a mid-sized mirror and lean it on a mantelpiece, the floor or a ledge. And you have finally got the Parisian’s style into your home.

3. Big Round Mirrors

Source: blog.thedpages.com

This one will never fail to hang anywhere, whether in bathroom or in living room as living room mirrors. The big sized mirrors will give you modern style into your home. If your wall is empty, hang this one to add the texture.

4. Go Huge

Source: pinterest.ru

Whether you are living in small or big house, it is acceptable to place this huge mirror behind your sofa. You will get the boutique hotel look there.

5. Multifunction Mirrors

Source: athomewiththebarkers.com

If you have a chance to collaborate with both art and function, why not? This multi-function mirror is ultimately a trend for recent and years to come. The art mirrors marry both function and form so your space looks gorgeous, and it can be a focal point! You can choose the style that fits to your home design, such as playful, contemporary, straight-out cool, or avant-garde.

So, have you decided which one is your choice? In fact, no matter which one is it, mirrors (any style of it) will always have different impact to your space. That is the reason why you should never skip this one.



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