5 Make DIY Garden Decoration Instantly

A garden is a place to show your creativity. Instead of purchasing all items, it would better if you are doing some DIY garden decoration projects. The fact you might admit is sometimes the expensive garden decoration won’t stand up the weather for so long. On the contrary, the handmade one usually stands longer outside.

The following DIY garden decoration ideas may inspire you to do some projects. Some may think that certain items should not work well or unnecessary but trust me they all give your garden a new life!

1. Backyard Door Made of Old Shovels and Scissors

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If you are having old stuffs, such as spades, shovels, digging forks, etc., you can recycle them. Start this project by varnishing them as they will be more resistant to the weather conditions. Continue by hanging them against a white painted wall. And you will get beautiful rustic backyard door.

2. Mini Fountain

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You need an electric pump to make it work and install it to your old kettle. The water will be pumped out through the spout. For saving energy, use a remote control. And this pump should be removed during winter to avoid being frozen.

3. Mosaic Stepping Stones

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This type of DIY garden decoration is made of old ceramic dishes. Most people have these items, am I right? Break them apart to be embellished round the concrete stepping stone in your garden. Be careful while doing this step. By doing this project, you can both make your own concrete stepping stones or purchasing the ready-made one. Whatever your choice is, you better choose it is at least 4 cm thick so it will last longer and avoid quickly broken.

4. Firewood Storage

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This is for you who are loving to sit down outside next to the campfire or fireplace. Do not let the logs take the beauty of your garden. It would be better to build a wood shed as a seating area shelter. You can find that there are various storage ideas, such as a semi-circular pergola, etc.

5. Succulent Wall Art

Source: reparasiandroid.com

This DIY garden decoration will leave you with no worry. You need a picture frame to start this project. Remove the glass and cut a wire to fit the back of the frame, secure it to a wooden box. The final touch is by filling your box with various cactus. As they are low maintenance, you won’t need to worry about the watering system.



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