5 Super Chic Vanity Ideas You Will Never Regret in 2020

Getting disorganized vanity might be stressful. And it makes your time spent unworthily to find what you need. The vanity ideas to organize and decorate will help you easier doing your daily task, such as applying your makeup and fixing your hair.

So, here are some vanity ideas that you can copy to save your time:

1. Give It Some Layers

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Such as by adding some accessories. For example, a wooden mirror, metallic jewelry holders, and others. These accessories can lift up your mood while doing something in front of it. Besides, these accessories should have purposes, such as a metallic jewelry holders will help you choosing the one to wear easily.

2. Create An Inspiration Station

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Doing a monotonous daily routine may be boring and throw your interest away. To getting them back, create an inspiration station, such as a shelf with art prints, phots, books, vases, and so many others.

3. Flowers Are Essentials

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This is the purest and most beautiful way to transform the look of your vanity. A bouquet of flowers makes your vanity perfectly styled. The one to consider is the pink roses.

4. Make It Multifunctional

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The ultimate purpose of vanity ideas is to be multifunctional. And any vanity is able to take double duty as long as you style it correctly. One of the most popular idea is by placing the vanity next to your bed as a replacement of traditional nightstand. So, you will get plenty space for a lamp, reading material and phone alog with makeup station.

5. Make it A Gallery Wall

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This is actually the complimentary finishes of the gallery wall you have already had. You can coordinate a vanity, mirror and the frames of your gallery wall. It will avoid looking misplaced.

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To be honest, above vanity ideas styling does not entail additional budget. You can take everything you have to work on it, such as the jewelry holders, the mirror frames, etc. And the reason why it seems so much different than before this styling is due to its arrangement and positioning. Two essentials while styling the vanity that mostly be forgotten.

Styling and re-arranging your vanity only needs few hours to do. Just make a note of whatever you do every morning and what you need to get. By considering those points, you can start this styling project. Do not worry of getting failed, as you can always try more and more.



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