6 Popular Rustic DIY Home Decor Projects 2020

Rustic has become a popular style that can stand alone. And creating rustic DIY home decor projects is super fun as you don’t need expensive materials to add the character to your home. The story behind DIY home decor projects might become the most memorable thing to have in the future and it gains character to every detail entails. And another reason why choose rustic style for your DIY project is due to its super easy.

As long as you follow a few tricks of the trade, you will get the beautiful thing with impressively low budget. So, let the fun begin.

1. DIY Wood Framed Mirror

Source: cz.pinterest.com

Though this is coming low budget materials, the finishing look is unpredictable: super gorgeous. The materials you need are the cheap fence boards and Walmart mirror. Count how much money you will spend on them. Such a great project, right?

2. DIY Rustic Lantern

Source: sarahjoyblog.com

By creating this one, you also can count your budget to buy materials. The super easy tutorials keep leading you to the cute item. This item can be put both inside and outside your house. Moreover, besides making it as lantern for candle, you can fill it with plants.

3. Stickwood

Source: rustic.is-eldiveni.com

You need reclaimed wood products for doing this project. You can use this product on the ceiling of your bedroom, as a small accent on the wall, or on a kitchen island. This stikwood will get your room look more alive than ever.

4. DIY Entry Bench

Source: teracee.com

The size can follow your preference. The used wood log will never fail to give you rustic feeling by the front door. While you are taking off your shoes or whatever, you can sit down on it while enjoy the vibe of your own home sweet home.

5. DIY Curtain Rods

Source: pinterest.se

If you have restoration hardware, you should give this project a try. Commonly, this project only costs $15.

6. DIY Shower Curtains

Source: foxhollowcottage.com

Completing above curtain rod project, this one also needs restoration hardware as the main material. The cost is barely similar and you will see beautiful and timeless effect on your bathroom as well as your living room.

Source: freshouz.com

Sometimes, while talking about home decor, people tend to think of their budget. Remodeling a part of a home needs so much dollars to spend: starting for hiring the professional, purchasing materials, decoration, and every single addition thing. By these DIY home decor projects, it supposes to help people to worry less.



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