7 Barriers’ Front Yard Ideas for Keeping Your Privacy

There are always some differences between rural and urban lives. We can say that rural area has more dense population and privacy matter is something taken for granted. On the other hand, urban area offers luxury of life but mostly they are more individual. The activities of urban residents mostly stir them to have no time taking a little chit and chat to their neighbors. And they tend to build the front yard ideas to keep their privacy. Front yard is purposed to hang out and enjoy the surrounding without being disturbed by others. If you like spending your time in the front yard but have issues of privacy, do some of the following front yard ideas:

7 Barriers’ Front Yard Ideas For Keeping Your Privacy

1. Privacy Panel

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Install this wood fencing around the yard and give additional wood lattice panel. This lattice panel will give you both architectural interest and privacy. You can create pathway leads to the lattice panel.

2. Rooftop Space


This idea is a great choice for urban people to keep privacy, light filtration, sound and keep your pets from escaping. This design will give you such freedom while enjoying the garden.

3. Elegant Espalier

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This is like having fence but it is coming from hardwood, such as iron. Although it costs higher than softwood, but hardwood is more durable and nicer. Before installing one of the front yard ideas, you need to check local regulations as most cities has different requirements dictating the height and placement of fence or any other barriers.

4. Multipurpose Front Yard Barrie

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If you need lots of privacy, this might fit to your style. Start this style by hanging wall pockets with a shelf for your potted plants. So, you get beautiful barrier with vertical garden.

5. Work On An Old Tree

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If your front yard has a huge old tree, you can copy this idea. First of all, prune the tree to get its sculptural branches. Afterward, let them rest on the fence facing the street. Additional privacy will be better by carport walls.

6. Dark Wood Enclosure

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By building three or four outdoor walls, it means you add the architectural interest in your front yard. This outdoor room is totally different from an interior, just place a seating area with a gas fire pit to enjoy your urban life.

9 Urban Garden

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Creating the lively urban garden without too much drama is by adding some architectural elements, such as wall planters, fountain and vertical succulent garden. Give some lighting fixtures to envision the focal point.



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