7 Easy to Implement Decorating Bathroom Sink Ideas

Bathroom plays a significant role in everyone’s life. People visit bathroom after waking up and before going to bed. It is where you get cleaned up, touched up, and taking care of hygienic necessities. This habit and need makes bathroom plays those special roles. So, why don’t you make it as a comfortable place? We cannot ignore that doing some projects of decorating bathroom sink ideas involves process. Although there are various decorating bathroom sink ideas but mostly they hardly to make any sense, at least for personal taste.

This time, we compile some of the most reliable decorating bathroom sink ideas that you can follow:

1. Make it More Utilitarian

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Everyone might realize that a luxurious expansive one is tempting but it is not what a bathroom is supposed to be. Bathroom has to be more utilitarian, which means there are some items have to be there, such as a toilet, a shower, a mirror, and a bathtub (optional). Decorating bathroom comes after this one.

2. Open Up The Shower or Bath

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In small bathroom, you should never hide your shower or bath, as it makes your space looking more confined. Choose the clear shower curtain or a glass shower door.

3. Choose The Right Color Scheme

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The lighter one will make your room look bigger and larger. If you are not into such white color choice, you may choose the combination of lighter color. The feeling of spaciousness can be got by bringing the bright walls, bright cupboards, bright fixtures and other features altogether.

4. Choose The Right Lighting Fixtures

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The recommended one is light bulb that provides a soft and white light. Besides, let the natural light in by uncovering the windows. To maintain the privacy issues, you can use a spray to “frost” the windows, it will let you see the view outside while your privacy is kept well.

5. Add More Than One Mirror

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Mirrors reflect light and they make your room lighter. The larger mirrors will be preferable due to its effectiveness. Moreover, a mirror on the wall opposite your sink does better work to create bigger vibe.

6. Use Shelves Sparing

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A DIY shelf is a super easy and least expensive decorating idea. In a small bathroom, you should install it above the eye level. Do not install too many shelves so it won’t look crowded.

Move the towel racks. It is common that the towel racks are installed on the wall next to bathtub or shower. For small bathroom, you better replace them with racks by the back of the bathroom door.



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