7 Front Yard Garden Ideas and Tips by the Experts

Everyone might admit that front yard is the face of your house. That is why people always take front yard garden ideas on their accounts. Before doing this project, you need to take some actions, such as the style and size of your front yard garden that is suitable to your house, the best plantings, etc.

The experts give you some tips of front yard garden ideas:

1. Find Your Focus

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Your front yard should have a focal point, and it is the front door. Don’t get it wrong, the front door must be visible and beautiful. Whatever the types of plants you consider, make sure they will frame your front door perfectly as people approach the house.

2. Use The Ground Covers

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If you love a low-maintenance alternative, then here it goes. Grass has it all. They provide neat appearance with low maintenance. Besides, grass will tidy up your front yard while the season is changing. While the leaves are falling after the bulbs bloom, grass will cover them well.

3. Set The Right Path

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Everyone might have natural instinct, which is to take the fastest way to where we are going. It is fine to create a circuitous route, but make sure you plant along each side of the path. It will guide your visitors to your front door.

4. Rethink Of Your Foundation Plants

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The ideal way to choose your plants is by considering what they will look in the next two or three years. Do not let them block your windows or other access. It is recommended to extend them at least 8 feet out from your house.

5. Think of Privacy

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A buffer of shrubs will be a great choice for this issue. A buffer that contains of various plants in different heights form as a fence. But if you want to block the view from a certain room, plant shrubs or a couple of trees with strategic precision.

6. Consider The Light Based On Where Your House Is Facing

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If your house is facing north, your front yard won’t get enough light. On the other hand, if it is facing west or east, it will get the sunlight all over the day or never. Consider this direction to make choices.

7. Long Term Thought

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Front yard garden ideas should consider until next 12 to 15 years to come. Think that they are permanent fixture, so do not plant too close to your house.



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