7 The Original Types of Coffee Table Designs

A coffee table is a kind of low table and be placed next to a sofa or other seating options. The ideal coffee table designs aim to support books, beverages, and other decorative objects. The name of coffee table was first come from Britain, which was in Victorian era. But later it was designed as Ottoman Empire used to have low tables used in tea garden.

After getting to know where they are coming from, you should find out that there are some styles of coffee table designs:

1. Shaker Coffee Table

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This kind of furniture is made with functional form and proportion. You will never get some ornamentations, such as metal pulls, carvings, etc. They are offering creative solutions, such as multipurpose forms, asymmetrical drawer, etc. Originally, shaker coffee table was made of pine lumber, cherry or maple that were pained/ stained by certain color (green, blue, yellow, or red). The characteristics that are never changed are dovetail drawer, and simple dovetail drawer with wooden knob.

2. Cottage Coffee Table

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This style tends to be created for decorative purposes. This kind of furniture has feminine lines and detailing. The turned legs are its main characteristic.

3. Industrial Coffee Table

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As we all know that industrial always expose how metal and wood are combined in rough-hewn construction. This look will balance the beauty of loft-style living room.

4. Mid-century Coffee Table

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This style refers to a style between the 1950s and 1960s. The characteristic of it is simple lines, and molded plastic or bent wood construction. The point is this mid-century coffee table wants to show its natural beauty in super simple finish.

5. Parsons Coffee Table

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The characteristic is this style is square legs with similar thickness to the flat top. This is kind of modern coffee table that was first popular in the 1930s. Lately, people tend to combine it with other different materials so it fits to almost any design scheme.

6. Modern Coffee Table

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This style refers to the late 19th century. It is always influenced by modernism.

7. Contemporary Coffee Table

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Some of us may keep thinking that modern and contemporary coffee table designs are interchangeable. But they have rather differences. As contemporary coffee table refers to today’s look and style, which is bold and bright accents. The characteristics are using some materials, such as metal bases and glass tops.

The style may vary, but the size should depend on the size of your sofa, which the recommended size would be two third the width of your existing sofa.



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