7 Types of Rustic Chic Living Room Furniture You Need to Find in Flea Market

There are no reasons to avoid this rustic chic for your house. Rustic provides super comfortable and visual interest. Both rustic chic living room and its decor will enhance the look better than ever. Something like antique chandeliers and romantic candles, upcycled farm material, etc. certainly become your pride. And the plus point is you will be easier remove or replace some accessories while the season is changing. So, you do not need to remodel the entire design and furniture.

From the beginning, you might assess what kind of feel you need to create in your rustic chic living room. And what are the purposes of this one, whether it will be spot to host a party, a place to staycation with family, or even a place to relax from activities outside. Just keep an eye out at the flea market to find treasures that will incorporate too well to your living room.And, here are what to find:

1. Hardwood Two-level Coffee Table

Source: thenateshow.com

This bold coffee table fits to any style and sized home.

2. Matched Palette

Source: tepanyang.xyz

Whatever your style you need to apply, you have to make sure that everything is in order and match. Especially in this rustic chic living room, choose a humble palette of beiges and browns. They will provide cohesiveness to the surrounding and let the focal point or other standout pieces to shine.

3. Blocked-style Coffee Table

Source: reparasiandroid.com

This will be super great to be a center of your living room as it will be a beautiful transition from rustic decor above and a hardwood floor below. The elegant composition of well-polished wooden surface and bare iron completes your rustic vibe.

4. Lodge-inspired One

Source: lanufe.barended.info

This look should have stylized pillows, lush succulents and macramé braiding. The right accessories and color palette should work together. You just need to mix and match these pieces to your entire home decor.

5. Antique Living Room

Source: reparasiandroid.com

It is mostly said that home decor should be arranged the way old people did. The rustic atmosphere will feel homey with an antique chandelier, old shutter, a bushel of twigs, and so on.

6. Shabby Chic-inspired

Source: sofacope.com

The cohesive look could be found by doing some trial and error. You should try some arrangement of furniture and accessories until getting the perfect and describes your personality closer.

7. Crisp and Clean Inspired

Source: simplelivingroom.xyz

If you are loving rustic but do not want to sacrifice any comfort or style, try this one. This idea provides distressed light wood coffee table and multiple seating options.



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