9 The Correct Ways to Arrange 10×10 Bedroom

Do you have 10×10 bedroom and feel like have no sense of arranging nor decorating? If yes, you might continue this writing. Here, we need to announce how simple and fun arranging small bedroom is, as long as you have specific purposes and tricks through it. Arranging 10×10 bedroom has an impact feel and look to the entire room instantly. And here we go:

1. Create The Layout

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Begin the layout by putting your bed in the center, which is facing the doorway. It creates your room look symmetry, and it makes you easier arranging other components, such as two night stands on each side of the bedroom (it is optional).

2. Remove The Nightstand

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As we say about optional in the first place, if you think that your room is too crowded, it is better to remove your nightstand (either one or both). By removing the nightstands, you can move your bed closer to the wall, so you will get wider room on another side. For illumination issue, you still can put the nightstand on a small closet or mount them on the wall.

3. Dressers

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The height should be prioritized in 10×10 bedroom. Take advantage of height to get extra room. For example, you can put a TV or other item on a top of a tall chest. Besides, wall mounted electronics and decor will be preferable though.

4. Place The Rug In The Right Spot

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Be careful to place your rug, as it can make your room look bigger. To get the right size of rug, you need to follow your bed’s lead. If your bed is centered, you better slip the rug for 2/3 under. On the other hand, if your bed is in a corner, put your rug next to it or even under another furniture.

Besides doing the correct arrangement, 10×10 bedroom can be cozier if you try these decor ideas:

5. Choose Natural Light

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Enough amount of lighting will make your room look brighter and more spacious. Large windows are recommended to let the natural lights in.

6. Attention Should Be Drawn Upward

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If you cannot get them wide, make them taller. This affects spacious vibe as well, such as by hanging the window curtains close to the ceiling.

7. Add The Decorative Lighting and Mirrors

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Put them above chest of drawers.

8. Coordinate The Color Choice

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The light and cool colors will open up the feel of your bedroom.

9. Add Some Pieces of Art

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By having your personal pieces of arts, you get your bedroom reflecting yourself.



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