3 Choosing Ceramic for Your Perfect Bathroom Shower Tile

The bathroom is being one of the most visiting spaces in the house because as a human, we have some daily activities taken down there. Moreover, some people make the bathroom as their favorite place of reflection even for the contemplating area.

So you need to have such a comfortable and even more interesting decoration idea of your bathroom. One of the easy and simple ways to make your bathroom feels more alive is by picking up the right bathroom shower tile. Before you make any decision, it would be nice if you keep the following points below why you should consider installing ceramic as your bathroom shower tile.

1. Safety First

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One of the best parts of picking up ceramic as your bathroom shower tile is, it has a large variety of options you can choose that provides slip-resistant features both in wet and dry conditions. You might consider installing mosaic tile on the floor because smaller tile with more grout lines usually has more gravity traction. This can prevent you and your family members from the damage of suffered falling injuries as mentioned by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

2. Waterproof System Experience

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All the ceramic tile family, including porcelain and quarry tile, are having some kind of waterproof system that protects your construction underneath if they are installed using appropriate methods and installation materials properly.

3. Healthy Environment Ideas

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The bathroom is kind of a moisture-rich area which has known as the place for most bacteria and mold thrive. By using ceramic tiles, it might help you create a healthy environment for your bathroom because they discourage bacteria and have such a mildew resistant surface.

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Some other health benefits you can get from installing the ceramic tiles are:

  • No allergens. Besides the mildew resistant aspect, the surface of the ceramic tiles also does not absorb any dust mites.
  • Non-hazardous gases or VOCs. A gas that well known caused nose, eye, and throat irritation, nausea, headaches and, sick building syndrome.
  • Non-formaldehyde. A chemical associated with respiratory issues such as asthma that is contained by any other products like wood.
  • 100% Non-polyvinyl chloride (PVC). A resin which commonly used in some vinyl flooring that has some regular health concern among medical professionals and builders.

Non-plastic product. The ceramic tile does not contain any plastic materials and has no both health and environmental concerns associated with plastics.



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