3 Tips to Arrange the Artificial Farmhouse Flowers for Bedroom and Living Room

Some people getting obsessed to the farmhouse style may always need to re-arrange anything to look perfectly in Farmhouse style. And the farmhouse flowers are not exception. If you are one of these farmhouse lovers, you may need having a look at these following ideas to decorate you house using artificial farmhouse flowers:


1. White Hydrangea for Bedroom

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Some of you may give up on growing your own flower garden or dealing with real flowers, try this one. You just need special touch to make them look real. In master bedroom, you need to add the beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas above your nightstand or cabinet. The reason for choosing hydrangeas is they look truly stunningly representing farmhouse style and seem real. Some shops may have artificial flowers with artificial water in the bottom of the vase. Their neutral color and beautiful blooms fit to your farmhouse decor and furniture.

2. Purples and Pinks Hydrangeas For Living Room

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Living room is a room where everyone are gathering around, so you need to put something cheerful and fun. These farmhouse flowers in a white vase may be something you are looking for. Put them above the TV console.

3. Whitewash Storage Box

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After choosing the right color of flowers you like the most, now it is the time to choose the functional storage. The whitewash storage boxes are beautiful to show the farmhouse style. You can store anything inside and put a vase of flowers on it. What a beautiful way to declutter your room!

The artificial farmhouse flowers are vary, so you can choose any suits your style. The reasons why choose this artificial flower than the real one is due to its low maintenance. We cannot insist everyone to use the real flowers. Some of them may have issues to maintance the real flowers, let alone grow them by themselves. But, you need to carefully choose the one that looks like real flowers. Yes, they may be more expensive but the appearance will amaze you.

Nonetheles, it is not a fixed idea to deal with farmhouse flowers. You can even mix and match the types, the colors and the textures of flowers. Just remember that each room needs to have different treatment and ambiance. The bedroom should be serene, while the living room should be cheerful and homey. And this ambiance can be got by applying the right color scheme, furniture and flower arrangement.



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