5 How to Apply the Mosaic Ideas on Your Walls

Humankind are naturally born with sense of art. And they tend to love anything about beauty, art and style. Some of the mosaic ideas below describe the natural and timeless beauty. Mosaic arts never lost over the centuries, never fail to add the significant impact to the decor schemes and any architectural style.

There are basic style of wall art, which are abstract, florals, animals, landscapes and borders. Are you ready to apply these mosaic ideas on your wall? Take a look at these following ideas:

1. Abstract Design

Source: pinterest.ie

This style fits to any home design. If you are interested to apply this on your wall, there is no particular subject nor color scheme following. So, this one is easier to work with. The important thing to do is you need to focus on the shapes and colors. For example, choose the size and shape in the pottery pieces, etc. Create a refreshing wall kitchen by incorporating an abstract pattern. For modern touch, hang an abstract mosaic wall art.

2. Floral

Source: blog.mozaico.com

Floral and botanical themes are timeless and have been popular since the beginning. The bathroom is super ideal for this kind of art. The floral theme provides a strong appeal that boosts desire to teach the pieces. Besides talking about their beauty, floral and botanical mosaic ideas have classic symbolism, which is optimism. So, why don’t you try bursting up your spirit at home?

3. Animal

Source: pinterest.at

This theme is suitable for children, so it is recommended to put the animal-themed mosaic pieces at kids’ bedroom. The intricacies of scale, feather and fur always attract their eagerness in a positive way.

4. Landscapes

Source: handmadeflowers.ru

Long horizontal stretches of a beautiful scenery always boosts the sensation inside to have a stroll in the country. This landscape idea is a beautiful choice to create a spot for eyes to rest upon. The styles vary, as well as the theme of mosaic arts. Starting from the country environment, a city home, a cabin in the mountain, a Midwestern cottage, etc. whatever your choice is, choose the one fits your home design. If you are intend to make a focal point by this art, try a large one as it gives you depth and center to the room.

5. Borders

Source: richard-powers-m02o.squarespace.com

This is giving you such a unique touch. This mosaic wall art fits to bathroom as it works well in humid and small space. There are some elements you can bring into your mosaic wall décor.



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