5 Stunning Look of Backyard Landscape Ideas

Enjoying your free time at your backyard must be a pleasant escape from your daily routine. However, sometimes you cannot just sit and feel the air since you need to do maintenance for your backyard like moving and weeding. But don’t worry, here we have some easy backyard landscape ideas you can try.

1. Use Rocks

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Get your backyard more interesting by adding rocks for some spaces. Choose white color rocks to make it looks clean. Create walkways or simply group them together to form decorative. Rocks save your time from mowing and weeding. Grass doesn’t grow on rocks. They also help to cover muddy soil.

2. Add a Rain Garden

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A rain garden is a small wet area that reduces storm-water runoff. You just need gravel, sand, some native plant, and done. You just need to weed it sometimes but no mowing and watering. It helps to slow down rainwater then use it to support other plants.

3. Build The Easiest Deck

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You can build a simple deck at your backyard. Use hardwoods like cedar, redwood, and composite that last a long time. Place an armed chair or sofa and put a rug to make it more comfortable. You may need to clean or paint it, but you don’t do it every week. However, you need to consider your deck orientation. It depends on when you going to be a deck. If you mostly use it in the morning for tea and newspaper, it should be oriented to the east. On the opposite, if you use it in the evening, it should be to the west. And keep in mind, the shade should be available for the hotter months. Such a great backyard landscape ideas you can apply.

4. Plant Tall Grass

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Instead of planting low grass that you need to mow it every week, try to plant tall grass. Tall grasses, like switch grass, bluestem, muhly, and fountaingrass, maybe the options for you. They all grow fast and require very little maintenance. Plant them along the walkway, the fence, or in geometric arrangements to give a clean look. You can also plant randomly to give a more natural look.

5. Create Pathways

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Use rocks or pavers to get the pathways at your backyard. You can design your own pathways for traditional look like flagstone or modern look like rectangular or square pavers. Like rocks, pathways also save your time from maintenance.

So, which one is your favorite?



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