6 How to Arrange the End Table Décor to Giving A Personal Statement

You should realize that arranging the end table décor should depend on the size of things to go, the size of surface and how you will use your end table. If your table is big and is not intended to hold any glass, mug or anything, so you can add larger items there. But if your table aims to hold an occasional drink, let it be as an open space.

May not all following end table décor ideas will fit to your room. But find any:

1. Lamp

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End tables with shelves will be your favorite ones as they always work best for any style of lamps. Either you have two different shape or style of end tables, the perfect lamps will do beautiful matchy-matchy. Actually, the lamp always brings the furniture look symmetrical. If you have high ceilings, it is recommended to choose the tall lamps. Size always matters, so you need to choose the right size of lamp.

2. Books

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This is how we tell about ourselves without a word. Yes, books speak louder than we do. A stack of books really work well. Put two or three of your favorite ones on the end table.

3. Art/ Mirror/ Pictures

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Almost everyone love displaying art or photograph on their table. It makes sense as a little work of art brings significant impact to the entire home décor. Another trick you that is worth to try is your end table is against a wall, you can prop a small mirror behind other objects. This trick provides layers onto your end table.

4. Organics

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One or two flowers will be nice as a piece of art, as long as you don’t put too much flowers. A couple of little tiny blooms in a small vase will upgrade the look of your home. If you do not get into the real flowers, then the faux plant will do good for soften up your end table.

5. Bowl/ Coasters

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Bowls and coasters have different style and characteristics, so it is better not to put them together on one table. So, choose one or another.

6. Personal Items

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Getting special items on your end table will give you such an inviting vibe. We can say that this end table is something you can give a personal touch for free, which means you don’t need to fulfill every aspect of a good interior design. Just add a fun piece to describe yourself.



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