6 Tips to Choose Mantel Fireplace Modern for Living Room

Mantel fireplace can be said as functional decor. Once you need to choose the right fireplace mantel, first thing you need to consider is the fireplace itself. Fireplace modern can be decorated in a lot of ways. But to narrow down your search, here are some tips for you:


1. What Feel Do You Want To Create By Replacing The Mantel Fireplace? This Is The First Question To Ask To Yourself

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As your mantel has to reflect the way your home decor speaks. Although you like certain look, it does not mean you have to insist choosing something that will never fit to your couch. And the next questions you should ask later are whether you need to make it as a focal point or not, whether the mental decor fits to the entire decor, whether it should show its natural beauty or should be painted, etc.

2. A Stained Wood Mantel

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Before deciding the color or you are doubt of this choice, you better let it in stained wood look. Stains will never get wrong as they blend beautifully to anything and be a cool accent. For a space that is frequently used, this issue definitely saves your day.

3. Go For DIY Project

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Either looking for professionals, why don’t you do it by yourself? You will be surprised what you can create with this economical project.

4. Size of The Room

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Before choosing the mantel fireplace modern, you need to measure the size of your room and walls. A fireplace modern fits perfectly for small space as there are no busy ornaments nor decor around. On the other hand, the traditional fireplace mantel is suitable for larger space. Although there are always hacks to mix this and match that.

5. The Style

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You may have a modern living room but very interested to the wood fireplace shelves. It is similar to put some classical pieces next to wood paneling. They are not mix and match decor we talked about. They really are not meant for each other, however you place them.

6. Lower Cost Trick

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Having a mantel can be super budget friendly, which is by placing the floating mantel shelves. They have less materials indeed, but they never become less attractive.

Fireplace modern may speaks about the clean and clear lines. There are lots of items sold online. But make sure to follow some tips above to keep you on track. Happy shopping and decorating!



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