7 Beautiful Nightstand Ideas for Guest Bedrooms

There are some items and furniture in the bedroom that need to be thought of. Some of the nightstand ideas below will turn away your dilemmas. Some may concern of placing the nightstand and headboard from a set, and some may choose splitting them up. This time, we want to give unconventional nightstand ideas next to your bed.

1. A Desk

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The surface of desk or vanity will be a great choice for small space. So, why don’t you place your nightstand there? Besides, you can get a makeup vanity and jewelry holder there.

2. A Large Chest Or Basket

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Reuse your old stuff, like a large chest or basket. As long as they have the right height, they will fit as your bedside table. Besides holding your nightstand, you will have additional storage box for keeping your books or other essentials.

3. Wall-mounted Shelves

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You can pair the wooden shelf with a small side table. The table will be removable so you can move them around while you do not need them.

4. An Etagere

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Placing an etagere next to the bed will be stylish and stylish. Furthermore, you will get more open shelving for trinkets, books, candles, and anything.

5. A Pedestal Table

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This one of creative nightstand ideas is suitable for a guest bedroom where you have less storage.

6. A Bunching Or Nesting Table

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You will get lots of texture and shapes by placing this one.

7. A Skirted Table

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To get the feminine look, try this one. The draping fabric will meet your romantic and feminine vibe inside your bedroom. And you can easily freshen up the space by changing the fabric.

The nightstand ideas above need a little bit creativity indeed. You will get so much fun while doing this project. You may get bored of getting too much similar arranging. These unconventional materials and arrangement may impress your guests better than you can imagine before.

Talking about nightstand, you may prefer the one with a larger surface so you can get to put your reading lamp and other essentials all along, and it is perfect for master bedroom, which has larger bedroom. You should not insist to get everything in set for smaller bedroom. A guest should not bring too many luggage or items though, so keep it simple. Be precise on what it is aimed for. Welcome your guests with comfortable bedroom and simple arrangement. Isn’t that easy to copy?



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