7 Easy Steps of DIY Makeup Vanity Ideas for Small Bedroom

If you have been tired having your bathroom mirror is occupied while doing your makeup, it means you need a makeup vanity for sure. And another issue is a new makeup vanity can be costly. Creating one definitely will save lots of money. You may find some makeup vanity ideas that require materials you already have around your home.


Let’s try these ones:

1. DIY Minimalist Makeup Vanity Ideas

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Whether you are a minimalist or short of space, this idea may fit your needs. The materials are a small wall shelf and a hanging mirror. This one is super easy as you just need to measure the certain spot to mount the wall shelf and hang the mirror. And you have already done! The shape and color of mirror frame should match to the surrounding.

2. DIY Floating Shelves

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This one is collaborating the functional and aesthetic aspect in the small space. Seriously, the floating shelves can be anything, including this makeup vanity. Start this project by combining two floating shelves, adding a wall mirror, and adding the touch of glam! The faux fur will be no exception for the glam touch. Another good point is you can adjust the number of shelves you need for extra makeup storage space.

3. DIY Glass Top Vanity Desk

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Vanity desk mostly looks messed up. And it takes longer for you to find any makeup afterward. By creating this super easy DIY project, you can easily sort and organize all makeup items at once! Start this project by using some plastic containers and arrange them on your vanity desk.

4. DIY Repurpose Kitchen Barstools

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We can say that this is one of the most clever vanity ideas on the list. Start this project by adding twi kitchen barstools to hold up a reclaimed wood, and placing a mirror on top of the wood.

5. DIY Glam Makeup Vanity

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The most important materials is IKEA bookshelves. If you don’t have one, go for a shop. As this glam station needs two IKEA bookshelves to make a storage for some pieces of decor. The white ones will be perfect.

6. DIY Suitcase Makeup Vanity

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This one is super creative and unique at the same time. Take an old vintage suitcase and prop it open. And you can start creating a DIY makeup vanity by adding a mirror on the top.

7. DIY Makeup Vanity On a Budget

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Go around your house and find any existing items and put them together. Sometimes you don’t need to make everything coordinated.



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