7 Smart Way for a Small Half Bathroom Ideas Decoration

Even though half bathrooms are just small places in your house, they can be the perfect opportunity to show off your design style. The small half bathroom ideas decoration may be tricky, so keep the following tips to ensure you make yours perfect.

1. The Size is Not a Matter

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There is no rule of how big a half bathroom should be. The size depends on the size of your house. In general, a half bathroom is 50 square feet for the total room size. Occasionally, it is about 16 square feet, just enough to walk from the toilet to the sink.While a bathroom has a toilet, sink, and one or two bathing facilities, a half bathroom only has half of it: toilet and sink. Because there are no shower, bathtub, extensive counters and also it has small floor space, your remodel job is cut in half. However, it is your chance to turn your design ideas to reality for a small project before you go with a bigger remodeling job at your house.

2. Position

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For consideration, place your half bathroom on the outer side of the house. Do not place your half bathroom in the center of the house. It is not a good idea to place it within a larger living area where people doing their kinds of stuff. It is also more comfortable to have a window half bathroom if you put it to the house perimeter.

3. Ventilation

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It is necessary to have a high-velocity fan since it tends to located near the living room. If you have a 3 square feet window, you may be just open it all. But still, you need to install a quality, high-velocity fan in your half bathroom.

4. Use Larger Tiles

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You can decorate your half bathroom using larger tiles. This kind of small half bathroom ideas make the room seems wider.

5. Toilet Position

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Do not place the toilet facing the doorway. Some Feng Shui experts say that it is not a good idea. However, consider this as solid design advice.

6. Avoid Large Sink Vanities

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You can use pedestal sinks that leave more space in half bathroom. Cabinet-style sink base is not a good idea since it takes up floor space and also feels ponderous. Store cleaners in another bathroom to maximize the space.

7. Simple Decoration

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Keep your half bathroom decoration simple. Minimize the use of space for unnecessary things aside from the toilet and sink.



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