8 Handy yet Pretty Shelving DIY Bathroom Ideas

Have you ever notice that your bathroom is quickly becoming disorganized? We are not blaming your good intention, as everytime we take and put an item, every time it gets messy and disorganized. Anther problem is purchasing new cabinets could be so expensive. The following DIY bathroom ideas may help you organizing your bathroom better without spending too much dollars in the process:

1. Recessed Shelves

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This one suits perfectly for small bathroom. Beside giving you more storage for essentials, this recessed shelf also provides harmonious and expands a space visually as it has glass.

2. Light Industrial Shelf

Source: grottepastenaecollepardo.org

DIY bathroom ideas aim to give you a visual pop so your bathroom seem lively. The combination of industrial and modern touch can be got from the light metalwork on the sides and monochrome scheme. This idea is ideal for small bathroom with limited space to store items.

3. Recessed Glass Shelf Over The Tub

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Having a small bathroom but needing a little touch of luxury? Then go for this one! Install the recessed glass shelves around a marble. The transparency of glass never interupt the marbel grain. Furthermore, all of this combination enhances the light, so the bathroom looks bigger.

4. Shelving Nook

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Your small bathroom will be more functional than you ever imagined before. Install three wide shelves with similar color. To add more visual interest, few basket will be perfect. This is what we call as handy but pretty.

5. Over The Toilet Ladder

Source: freshouz.com

Some people may not willing to make any hole in the walls; and it does not make any problem. You can create this kind of DIY bathroom ideas. Choose a ladder that was made of wood, then add three shelves with different sizes. They enhance the beauty in your bathroom.

6. Open Shelving Cabinet

Source: pinterest.it

Install an open shelving cabinet directly on the countertop. It gives you more practical furniture and it can be so pretty if you handle it properly.

7. Buffet-like Shelving

Source: pinterest.ie

If you have more budget, you can create this custom shelving that seems like a glass-doored buffet. This is kind of beautiful way to display the beauty of your essentials.

8. Industrial Shelf

Source: goodnewsarchitecture.com

Create a practical storage space by placing baskets. The top of the shelf will be perfect for some decorative items, and other essentials (such as hand towels, toilet papers, etc) should be kept in the baskets. This arrangement minimize any clutter. Furthermore, you can hang towels and bathrobes on the hooks.



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