10 Step by Step DIY Rug Made of Piping Cottons

Have you ever thought of creating DIY rug from scratch? Every DIY project gives you flexibility to create any size you want and any material you have or you can afford. With a little effort, you can create your own DIY rug in a matter of hours. As we are facing the cold weather, the fluffy rug may become the comfortable thing. The cotton piping will give you one.

Some of us may thing doing the DIY projects is a hobby so we won’t lie idly without doing any productive thing. So, this time we want to give you a challenging DIY project to kill your time. You can start doing this project by the weekends or anytime.

And the materials you need are:

1. Multi-use Netting

Source: papernstitchblog.com

2. Cotton Piping

Source: livemaster.ru

(there are various thickness you can choose. The thicker it is, the easy it gets).

3. Small Rubber Bands, and

Source: twitter.com

4. Scissors

Source: guide.alibaba.com

And here are the step by step instructions for you. Read carefully and follow every step accordingly:

5. Determine The Size Of Rug You Desire

Source: rugsuk.com

This size should be similar to the length of the netting. So, you need scissor in this step.

6. Cut Off The Pieces of Cotton Piping

Source: pinterest.pt

It is recommended to make them in the same length. But if you want a little bit variation, make them in various length as this one gives you handmade look. You have to note that you need lots of cotton piping, but you should not be worry as they are affordable.

7. Weave The Cut of Cotton Pieces in Between Your Netting Grid

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Pull the pieces together upward and tie them using a rubber band. Make sure they have been secured.

8. Repeat Above Steps Until The Netting Pieces Are Covered

Source: pinterest.ru


9. Make Them as One Single Unit, Which The Step is Similar To The Third Step Above

Source: raggedlifeblog.com


10. Repeat The Process Until All Are Done

Source: yonohomedesign.com

By doing this project, you will get both well time spent and fluffy product to show to your fellow friends and family. Before forgotten, talking about the rubber bands; they may break or deteriorate, so if you are afraid of the consequence, you can choose the cording or a thin string with elastic as well. But for your information, this cording or thing string will be time consuming than the rubber bands do.

To clean up this DIY rug, use any spot cleaner that works on cotton material. And you should not rub them off. Just dab the area and let them dry.



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