5 Ideas of Timeless Rustic Window Treatments 2020

The reasons why people tend to love custom window treatments is they have limitless options. One of the most favorite is rustic window treatments. They believe that rustic window treatments can show homey vibe inside. Furthermore, rustic still relates to modern design, so you will not get too monotonous or too boring design.

If you are worried where to start, check the following tips (by considering the reasons of choosing rustic window treatments than others):

  • If you need more privacy, then the heavier curtains or draperies are preferable.
  • If natural light is what you need, you can go for blinds or a valance with a shade.
  • If the decoration is your ultimate consideration, then a valance is a perfect choice. Especially if you use them alone so you can see the outside view.

After understanding the reasons, here are some rustic window treatments for you to choose:

1. Faux Wood Blinds

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This kind of window treatment is suitable for you who are living in the place with a lot of humidity or extreme weather condition. As this material has moisture-resistance better than others. Besides, they are durable, look like the real wood, practical and affordable. The reason for choosing this one other than the real wood is this faux wood does not warp or crack due to excess daylight or humidity.

2. Wood Plantation Shutters

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This kind of window treatment fits to any style. If you need to create a beautiful statement, Norman Shutters are the one you are looking for. Their classic style is timeless and perfect for your living room.

3. Rustic Wood Blinds

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You can find them in various range of colors and textures, so you can mix and match the style to give an elegant look. Almost no one can deny the beauty of real wood as they provide a cozy and comfortable vibe.

4. Woven Wood Shades

Source: hometoz.com

If you are prefer having the more traditional rustic window treatments, this is the one for you. The natural bamboo and fiber fabric will give you timeless beauty with various colors and patterns you can choose.

5. Rustic Window Valances

Source: deacor.com

Their characters are functional, versatile and natural look. Although valance are not placed only at the top of the windows, but they will give you elegance look by combining with curtains. So, you can create more privacy and look that you desire. You will never get stuck of choosing one of these rustic window valances.



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