5 Office Organization Ideas for Maximum Productivity of Yours

Are you feeling stress every time sitting on your cubicle and looking around your desk? Or thinking that your productivity meters are slowing down? Perhaps you need some refreshment on your desk. We are not joking here. Some research even said that an organized work environment boosts up people’s productivity. As well-organized work environment is not only about visual appeal but also stress reduction. Some of the following office organization ideas hopefully give you a feeling of control and more efficient, which means you will find yourself more productive day by day.

1. Hide The Wires

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What are you finding on your desk? Typical office desk might be including laptops, monitors, mice, phone and chargers. And all or most of those electrical stuffs need wires. The number of wires in front of your face may indirectly increase the stress level. The binder clips will save your desk, which is by grouping them altogether and hiding them out of sight.

2. Labelling Is a New Standard

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Labelling the cabinets will save your time of answering your officemates about “where is the printer paper”, etc. Those are simple and quick interruptions indeed but indirectly split your concentration in no time. Besides your cabinets and drawers, your computer files also need to be ‘labelled’. Sort them by project and archive.

3. Automate The Recurring Tasks

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The office life must have activities done on a regular basis, such as checking in visitors, scheduling meetings, etc. There are lots of management system applications that will help you scheduling your regular basis. It saves your time and thoughts.

4. DIY Cord Labels

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Under your desk, or anywhere hidden, may look like a cable jungles. Some of cables may lay here and there; and sometimes needs to be sort to find which one is this or that. It takes time. Why don’t you label them? The colorful power strips will be a perfect choice, just write down each cable, such as ‘lamp’, ‘phone’, ‘computer’, ‘printer’, ‘TV’, ‘clock’, etc. And you, or others, won’t mistook it.

5. Paperless

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Don’t you realize how many papers you throw on a basket? This is a digital era, to be digitalized is common. There will never be scraps of paper, post-it notes, or messy notebooks littering your desk if you go paperless. There have been some applications replacing those note papers. Those applications usually are cloud-based, so you can sync your note across devices. Bye bye file cabinet disaster!



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