5 Step by Step Indoor DIY Flower Pots You Will Never Fail

There is nothing beats the beauty of indoor plant, especially the one made with heart. Does it sound cheesy? Not really. Some DIY flower pots are giving such relieve. Keeping the indoor plant beautiful and fresh does not seem too easy nor stressful, it comes in between. Then it depends on your own effort. The following DIY flower pots ideas are some to inspire you:

1. Succulent Painted Pots

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Finding the sale pots but not into their colors? Easy! Paint them! As painting small pots won’t be a mess.

2. Repurpose An Old Candle

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By repurposing those old candles into planters, you extend something’s life and it is good for our world. The first thing to do is by getting out the leftover wax and the wick bases; the second step is by adding the drainage and plant. The drainage is built from perlite or small rocks. Continue adding some soil and planting your plant.

3. A Small Hanging Indoor Garden

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The materials you need are a piece of pine (in your desirable length), hole saw, hand sander, terracotta pots, Gorilla glue, and a measuring tape. The first step is by measuring and marking a piece of pine; the second step is by cutting holes; the third step is by smoothing the entire piece using the hand sander; the fourth step is by staining and coating the shelf; the fifth step is by attaching the shelf bracket to the shelf and mount them on the wall. And put the pots in.

4. Wine Bottle Vase

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This upcycle project is a more modern craft you can do without certain skill. The materials you need are some wine bottles, soap and water, oil and paper towel, spray paint, and FrogTape. The first step to do is by removing all stickers from the bottle (do this step by soaking them in the soapy water); the second step is by using the spray paint; the third step is by tapping off some FrogTape on the design you desire; the fourth step is by painting the design using the accent colors (preferable).

5. Repurpose a Mug Or a Teacup

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Make a note that you don’t need to create one using the fancy and new ones as this project will paint them all. You prefer hitting up some antique stores to find the cheaper ones. The materials you need are teacups, paint, drop cloth, assorted cactus and soil. The first step is by cleaning and coating the teacups; the second step is by painting them. This teacup pot does not have drainage, so cactus is a good choice then.



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