5 Upcycle DIY Wood Storage Ideas to Organize Your Garage

Garage organization is painful sometimes. Realize it or not, the tools only stay organized in their place at least 2 months. And you see, everything is in disorder as always. How frustrating it is. The wood storage may save you from above trouble. Organizing the garage with its various tools may be complicated, but once you have the proper wood storage, you may find that they are helpful as ever.

And here are some ideas for you:

1. Super Easy Tool Wood Storage

Source: kenovoshop.ru

The materials you need are nails, scrap wood, a hammer and a power drill. You may have almost all (or even all) materials. So, that is why this is called as duper duper easy DIY project. Mount the scrap wood (that has been drilled by some nails to hang the tools) over the wall. Then arrange your garage tools according to their function and size. You may create more than one if you have numerous tools.

2. An Old Cabinet

Source: fi.pinterest.com

This idea is following the kitchen remodel. After remodeling your kitchen, you may find old cabinets lying down untouched. So, why don’t you upcycle them for your garage? You just need to add some pegboards to the inside of the old cabinets. Before hanging a pegboard, make sure that there is enough space behind it. If you have more than one old cabinets, then secure them together, back to back. Then put them on wheels so you will get easier moving them. This is kind of a must-have item for your garage.

3. Skinny Shelving

Source: younghouselove.com

If you don’t have a large garage and worried of how to store things in place, then this one is for you. So, while your car is parked inside, you still have space for the wood storage. Before doing this project, you only need to measure the size of the skinny shelves that will not touch your car (if it is parked inside).

4. A Wall-mounted Lumber Rack

Source: noverohomes.com

If you have a long wall, why don’t you try this super easy project then? As it takes only 3 hours to make.

5. A Scrap Wood Storage Bin

Source: garagestorage.rickyfk.info

If there is an old cabinet left, you can try this one to hold the DIY baskets of scrap wood. This bin is attached to your workstation, so you will have your garage clean as there will no leftover pieces of wood while you are working.

So, which one is your favorite?



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