6 Affordable Outdoor Kitchen DIY Made of Reclaimed Woods

Building an outdoor kitchen costs high, whatever the type you intend to. Creating your own outdoor kitchen DIY will save more money than you think. Furthermore, the detail of the items you create will make you popular easily in the neighborhood. Most of the following outdoor kitchen DIY ideas are made of reclaimed wood and other items, so they are super affordable for everyone. The following idea is the way to make your dream come true without breaking your bank account. So, check them out:

1. Outdoor Deck Kitchen

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What does your deck look like? How about creating the outdoor kitchen there? Before concerning of the type of design you desire, first you need to consider the materials and finish they will have, whether stainless steel, etc. This is super easy DIY project, although you don’t have any deck, you can build a small patio section.

2. Stone Covered Grill Island

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You don’t need spending so much time building this one. If you have a space, try building this one during weekend. This may be counted as a heavy work but you don’t need special skills for it. You may ask your family members or friends for doing this project.

3. Outdoor Kitchen Bar with Pergola

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This outdoor kitchen DIY needs at least a week to finish. A pergola overheard will give you relaxing Caribbean look. You can build this one as a freestanding kitchen or on the end of your deck.

4. Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Countertops

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The stainless steel kitchen with concrete countertops will definitely beautify your outdoor kitchen. Start this project by the steel stud and build it up. For modern look, you can add a tempered glass inlay t the countertop. The style is in your hand, so go with the one suits you best.

5. Outdoor Kitchenette

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If you have a plain patio or deck, you can build something, such as an outdoor kitchenette. Yes, this project needs a couple of weekends. But they will never disappoint you. You will get more cabinets, and a bar! This new outdoor kitchenette will provide a beautiful summer gathering.

6. Concrete Outdoor Kitchen

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Find something you can use for outdoor kitchen DIY, such as the boards and steel. These two materials can be easily constructed to be an outdoor kitchen with the additional shelf grill or a small dorm fridge. You can do it for one or two weekends. So, there are enough time before summer to start this project.



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