6 Color Scheme Ideas: Trend of Color Combination in 2020

The trend color of 2020 has been released even before the year was coming. Color scheme ideas tend to have similarities to last year. The ultimate key to find the best and suitable color scheme is by combining some tones. In modern eras, neutral color never lost its charm.

This time, we are giving some color combinations so you will get easier to choose the one for your home sweet home:

1. Gray and White For Living Room

Source: thecreativityexchange.com

Gray is adored by almost people or interior designers, especially in 2020. The soft gray living room is getting its modern charm by gray furniture or wall. If you don’t like applying similar tone to all aspect inside your living room, you can choose other lighter or darker tone as well. For example, the soft gray wall is combined with darker gray furniture and decor. Or on the other hand, the gray wall and white furniture will look spectacular. Some of you may highlight the room, you a little touch of blue will be mesmerizing.

2. Blue Living Room

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Soft blue or sky blue is in high demand this year. This cool color will change the look of your entire room instantly. To create such a visual illusion, decorate your living room to the minimum.

3. Beige Living Room

Source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

This is one of timeless color scheme ideas that everyone loves. Beige color or people called it as egg color may give you flexibility to add more decorations and attractive furniture.

4. Orange Living Room

Source: pinterest.ca

Some people may get bored of natural hue, so this is another choice to opt. But remember that this color does not fit to all color combinations. You have to make sure that there are some aspects that will be failed combining to this one. This color is super strong, so try soft tones to reduce its strength, such as white.

5. Ochre Color Living Room

Source: picgalleria.com

Have you ever heard of this kind of color? This is almost similar to beige and orange or we can say that this one is the combination of those two. You can complete the look by choosing white or other neutral tones.

6. Earth Tone Living Room

Source: reparasiandroid.com

This earth tone is mostly used for bedroom but you can create one for living room. The earth color always provides super elegant vibe. You can add the texture by choosing furniture with more intense colors. And the earth tone fits to any style, whether minimalist, eclectic, or even urban style.



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