6 The Latest Trend of Shower Floor Tile Ideas 2020

One thing to consider before doing the bathroom remodeling is by choosing the right shower tile. There are various shower floor tile ideas in the market, starting from the shape, design, texture and color. Keep in mind that the tile should always bring their functional benefits, i.e. durable, resistant to water and low maintenance.

The aesthetic will follow the rule after all. And, here are some latest trends of shower floor tile ideas:

Graphic Tile Pattern

Source: bathroom.pinhouses.com

This pattern is suitable for any room, either the one in the bold contrasting color or soft subtle hues. This one is number one trend, as people love it so much and the impact created is super huge. From the last year, this graphic tile pattern has become popular.

Matte Finish Tiles

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The glossy shower floor tile ideas are no longer the most favorite ones. The trend is moving, so does the tile. This matte finish provides a soft yet powerful beauty. Hence, the water marks are easier to vanish than the glossy tiles. That is why this one is super recommended for a busy bathroom. To be noted, before installing this type of tile, make sure the room has appropriate both natural and artificial lighting as it cannot reflect lights.

White Neutral Tiles

Source: yandex.by

This is accordance with the contemporary design and in 2020, this design never fades away. Besides white tone, other nude neutrals that are caught more eyes are creams and grey.

Subway Tiles

Source: pinterest.co.uk

Don’t think this is going to be a boring trend. Nope! In 2020, the subway tiles are coming in more interesting and modern way. They offer some more colors, larger and longer sizes that you can install both vertical and horizontal. Somehow, the mismatches tile patterns are kind of fascinating variations.

Dimensional Tiles

Source: blog.tilehaven.ie

In 2020, the shapes are getting more diverse. The traditional rectangle shapes are grown to other geometric ones. The hexagonal tiles come in all colors, sizes and textures. No one will imagine how this shape creates a unique appearance, either in wall or entire flooring; or even for both.

Wood Plank Flooring

Source: carlaaston.com

You may come curious why the marketplaces start offering the wood plank as flooring. By all means, the wood plank can easily be modified or customized into a certain size you need. Do not worry of getting them damaged in short of time. Since they have been available in greater stain and water resistance.



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