7 Best Arrangement of Picture Frame Ideas by the Interior Designers

Picture frame is one of the personal touches at home. We all desire to display our happy moments in an accessible spaces, such as living room, bedroom, or home office. A little but challenging thing to face is how to incorporate the arrangement of picture frame ideas into an interior design. Some considerations are including the color scheme, other artworks, and the atmosphere in the surrounding.

Here are some arrangement possibilities that may meet your preference:

1. A Pair Of Portraits

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The bold and bright pictures will be suitable hung on the dining room. This idea looks more beautiful if you have children. The picture of them laughing brightly will automatically cheer up the vibe.

2. An Over-The-Top Picture Frame Ideas

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We are moving on to the classic arrangement. You need the cherry-red and black picture frames to collaborate creating this arrangement. If you have an empty white wall, try this one. It provides vibrant hues to the surroundings. Hang them on the stairwell.

3. A Kitchen Gallery

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While you are preparing some meals for family, you may need a little mood booster. And this one will affect your mood so much. Hang these reminders of your loved ones on the wall above a bar cart. This arrangement is perfect for any type of kitchen, whether you are living in the studio apartment or bigger house.

4. A Gallery-style Hallway

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To create a focal point along your hallway, this idea will shock you. The warm wood frames is super gorgeous with the white mats. All pictures can be displayed here; including the black-and-white and full color pictures. This gallery-style hallway might impress everyone entering your house.

5. A Gallery-style Dining Area

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This arrangement should be created more intimate. Some sepia and grayscale family pictures will enliven your family memories of certain moments where the pictures were taken. The picture frame ideas are white, black and gold.

6. A Color-coordinated Display

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The white wall will be a perfect combination with the ruby-red frames. In this arrangement, the family pictures should be set in monochromatic sepia hues, just like the previous arrangement. But, this time, the size plays up. Two or four larger frames set your room into a bold nuance. Modern minimalist design interior is simply perfect for this arrangement.

7. A Grid Arrangement

Source: eleganhome.com

An equilateral grid arrangement of four picture frames looks marvelous on the sitting area or the master bedroom. The black frames are a must. Plus, no need to display strangers’ pictures here, just you and your truly loved ones.



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