8 DIY Projects for Home Improvement to Increase Your Home Value Before Being Sold

Before you put your house officially on the market, you better do something to increase your home value. The following DIY projects for home below will help you doing step by step each weekend. These DIY projects for home need at least 8 weekends. This project does not require much money to spend. Selling an old home sometimes becomes a frustrating since most buyers are too picky.

Hence, we should not blame the buyers. Just see the condition of your home through the eyes of the buyers. By spending a number of money, what home should you get? And here are some step by step to do each weekend:

1. Weekend #1: Decluttering Room by Room

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This step helps you cleaning much easier. If you do it right, you may add $2,000 to the value of your home. You have 48 hours to do this first step, do as follows: estimate how many time you need to declutter each room (2 hours for each room is common), label everything, and set a timer so you won’t get slower down.

2. Weekend #2: Do a Deep Cleaning For Your Carpet

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Carpet has the worst thing hiding in there, such as mounds of dog hair, dead skin, allergens and dust bunnies. This is not only about regular care, but you need to do the deep clean, like a deep shampooing it. To save your dollars, go renting a machine from Home Depot, or others. Each room needs 20 minutes; so you need a whole day to finish this project.

3. Weekend #3: Dewed The Yard

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Giving a little improvement will boost your home’s value for about 5% to 20%. This project is by deweding the yard without chemicals. Do it naturally using the household mixtures, such as salt and vinegar.

4. Weekend #4: Repainting Your Wall

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A neutral coat of paint is recommended to freshen the room, such as gray or light beige or other hues. This project potentially increases 1% to 2% of your home’s value.

5. Weekend #5: Matching Up The Hardware

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Make every fixture in your home showing a cohesive style, including the sink, light fixture, etc.

6. Weekend #6: Update The Light Bulbs

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These DIY projects for home aim to boost efficiency. Replace all your light bulbs to LED.

7. Weekend #7: Install The Smart Home Tech Features

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By thinking of this feature, don’t think of the latest and expensive ones. The three categories you should follow are lights, locks and security. They are loved by buyers.

8. Weekend #8: Neutralize Odors

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The citrus scent is super recommended for home odor. Before infusing your home with this citrus scent, you should neutralize the odor first.



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