8 Fall DIY Decorating Ideas Using Natural Materials

What do you plan for the next autumn? Have you considered some Fall DIY decorating ideas? Decorating a house each season should bring us joy, but sometimes a little bit stressful if you do not have any idea nor budget to do. Fall is literally super easy time for doing some DIY projects as nature provides you the materials, such as the beautiful leaves, colorful blooms, etc. The key to get an unforgettable decor is just make it simple:

1. A Festive Look For Outdoor

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You can start doing this Fall DIY decorating idea from your driveway to the patio.

2. The Benches

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If you have the seating areas, you should make them a spot to take a break or simply enjoy your garden. To create more festive look, you can add some decorative items, such as pots of flowers, etc. The wooden benches themselves are the representative to Fall. You just need to add a rustic basket and a few pumpkins.

3. Line Up The Pumpkins

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If you have a garden bed near the pathway, then you can arrange the pumpkins along the path. Just some moments before, grow chrysanthemums and marigolds so you get beautiful yellow and orange colors. This combination provides gorgeous structure to your flower bed and pathway.

4. Gourd Wall Decor

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To create this Fall DIY decorating idea, you can use them on a garden wall, wood siding, and a shed. A flat backed wire basket is the material to be filled with some small gourds and sphagnum moss. The arrangement is no limit, but varying the height and texture will make it so appealing.

5. Combination of Succulents and Pumpkins

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Some of you may not understand that succulents will root on the succulent, so you can use them for individual plants. The base for this pumpkin planter is the small succulent cuttings.

6. The Apple Basket

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You might not regret that Fall is time for apples. The apple basket will look perfect for your display property. To get the Fall-authentic arrangement, use other complements, such as the red cloth and a small barrel planter of flowers. Put this one against the wall.

7. Corner Area

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See the corner area that is usually ignored and gives them something contrasting to the backdrop (wall or fence). Some items you can put are a wooden lantern, a basket of flowers, and some gourds or pumpkins.

8. Terracotta pots

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Their natural colors represent Fall perfectly. You can put them in the middle of your metal table.



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