8 Super Smart Kitchen Shelf Hacks for a Tidy Kitchen

Are you craving to see a neat and clean kitchen pantry? Then this is your time to move. The kitchen shelf and pantry needs to be treated as follow:


1. Divide The Shelf and Pantry Into Zones

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Determining each zone should be in accordance with your daily needs. Settle on some categories, such as breakfast fast cooking, daily cooking, Asian cooking, holiday baking, holiday cooking, weeknight dinners, etc. After dividing the categories, and label them. This kitchen shelf hack leaves you worry less and guarantees you will find what you need in a blink.

2. Sort by Category

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The foods need to be sorted within each zone either. First thing first, you need to separate the items according to basic groups, such as spices, sauces, grains, bake, staple, canned food, fresh food, etc.

3. Contain Clutter

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This one is cook’s best friend. And you need to have these clear and labeled containers as well. Store the dry goods in plastic jars, such as rice, cereals, etc. Don’t forget to hook a small measuring cup on each side of your containers. Whether you choose glass or plastic containers, it is just about your preference. If you have both, then why not?

4. Mesh Laundry Bags

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This step, we need to talk something that should not be kept inside the kitchen shelf. Some room-temperature products are better kept in the mesh laundry bags, such as onions, garlic, etc. This hack keeps your products fresh everyday as they have better air circulation.

5. Tidy Up Your Plastic Containers

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You might have collections of plastic containers at home. Try tidying them up by grouping the bottom of them on one shelf; the lids are stacked lids vertically.

6. Zip Ties For Hanging Your Utensils

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You need to loop the zip ties through the handles’ holes to hang your utensils. This kitchen shelf hack will save your money without purchasing additional shelves or drawers. Furthermore, if you need to use one, sure you will grab it easier.

7. Turn Your Kitchen Shelf Into Drawer

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Do you have deep shelves? They mostly cause food or other stuffs hidden or disappear. So, here we are; making your deep shelves as pull-out drawers, so you can store things to its brim.

8. Plastic Bags Storage

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Though in many countries the plastic bags are forbidden, but there are still some groceries that give you plastic bags. Whatever it is, here you need to avoid getting eyesore of seeing messed of multiplying pile of plastic bags, which is by tidying them but still easily accessible. Roll the plastic bags up and stuff them in a container.



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