3 Quick and Easy Kitchen Décor Worthy of a Home Magazine

Talking about kitchen decor, not everyone has ability and time to do a major remodel. In this article, we will show you the quick and easy kitchen decor tips and tricks so it looks like a kitchen you see on a home magazine. The interesting parts of these tricks are you can easily mix and match anything you have already had at home but the finishing look is unbelivable.

1. Three Color Palette

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We, human being, literally see mostly everything at the eye level first, including the kitchen thing. Thus, color is the fastest way to transform your kitchen. The secret of having a beautiful colored kitchen is in the three color palette:

  • Color 1. Your existing color. This one cannot be changed, such as the color of cabinets or countertops.
  • Color 2. A neutral color according to your personal taste. This color will be used as a new color to complement color 1. You may call it as the decor backdrop.
  • Color 3. This is a personalized color that makes your kitchen unique. Choose a color that is able to add pop to your kitchen, such as cookware, vases and bar stools.

The fastest way to create a perfect three-color palette is by getting the paint swatches in certain shades you like until you get the combination meets your standard and liking.

2. A Focal Point

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Before starting your project of kitchen decor, you need to see your kitchen in the visitor’s point of view. Walk around and think what you notice, or what will you notice (something that does not exist yet), what you will like, and others. Focal point is something that is visually jumping out at you. This one will be bold and unique, compared to other features in the kitchen. To make one, try out these tricks:

  • Paint the focal wall (one side wall in the kitchen) in the bold shade (that you have chosen using three-color palette).
  • Hang a large piece of kitchen decor or art on the focal wall.
  • Use textured and vibrant wallpaper.

3. Open Shelving

Source: Pinterest.com

This is one of the latest kitchen trend that people love. As an open shelving provides fresh look, although you need to store your mismatched glasses in other cabinets. You do not need to tear out your upper cabinet. Just try placing one or two floating shelves on the kitchen’s wall. They are easy to install and available in various shapes and styles.



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