4 How to Get Into French Cottage Décor: Furniture, Window Treatments and Others

French cottage decor is a decor that provides relaxing yet casual vibe. Once you choose the right color, texture and fabric; you will get a natured-inspired accent that is captivating. Some people may call this style as a warm and romantic vibe, while others may say that this one is what people need to get a comfortable sanctuary at home. All judges are true, they definitely have their own version of French cottage decor.

To help you find the right feature, here are some suggestions to follow:

1. The Color

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This French cottage decor is inspired by the French countryside the full color spectrum are running. They are coming from bold to watered-down pastels, such as shades of ivory and pristine white. While for window treatments, area rugs and furniture upholstery; they usually choose the warm hues, such as creamy yellow, terra-cotta red, rich turquoise, or Mediterranean blue. Besides, there are the also cool tones as a substitution, such as milky white, creamy pink, sage green, soft gray and pale blue.

2. Casual Elegant Vibe

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While choosing to apply this style, you may skip all those decorating trends and fashions. As this style is about the timeless appeal and far away from oh-so-called-latest trend. The feature characteristics would be a wooden armoire, white dishes in the kitchen, straight furniture, metal buckets, etc. People in French countryside tends to live their live with functional features since they like repurposing old items for a different use. That is why an overly ornate furniture does not belong there.

3. The Patterns

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You will find assorted textiles in this French cottage decor. They love how long flowing draperies dance and soften the look. There are various coordinating patterns that you can mix and match, such as stripes, florals, ginghams, plaids with the solid-colored fabrics.

4. Embrace The Earth

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They take the earth as their main inspiration. In this decor, you will see a brick or stone fireplace, stucco-clad walls, wooden plank floors, etc. Furthermore, the decorative features are the ones with framed prints, ceramic figurines, painted furniture and table linens. The beauty of the outdoor should be brought inside by getting in the vases of fresh flowers, dried herbs, potted greenery and wicker baskets. To complete the look, the wrought-iron chandelier, table lamp or wall scones are among the best lighting choice.

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So, have you reconsider which feature of French cottage decor will you adopt to your home?



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