5 Living Room Makeovers: Color Trends 2020 by Designers

2020, as a new year, has brought multiple trends ahead. Home decor is among them. In 2020, there are some home trends that will be in and out, including the furniture, color palette, landscape design, and so on. For those who intend to do living room makeovers this year, it is recommended to scroll down and find the best trend to your liking and budget. The following ideas are coming from the designers, decorators and architects so you should never be worry of applying one.

1. A Grand Millennial Style

Source: Pinterest.com

This style is having its moment this year. The style is about the traditional design with a twist, which is the blend of classic elements and contemporary edge. The classic elements could be scallops, topiaries, chinoiserie, natural fiber rug, etc. While the contemporary edge is including the clean lined furniture and modern art. Applying this style for your living room makeovers can be beneficial since it is applicable for small or large area. On the contrary, you won’t see any hues of gray as a trend this year.

2. Bold Monochromatic

Source: adiladecor.com

It is stated that this bold monochromatic means a color with full of personality and elegance, such as Kelly Green, Cobalt blue, or Aubergine. Bold monochromatic do not equal pale. Since pale monochromatic is out of the list. The pale monochromatic is believed to provide too safe that leads to lack personality and excitement.

3. Layering Old and New

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Living room makeovers in 2020 allow you to mix and match old and new features. Furthermore, it is recommended to collect locally made souvenirs from the places you have been come. They are meant to tell a story without words, and build a character towards your living room. On the contrary, we are no longer desire of something perfect. We tend to live our lives with pieces that are worn and do not worry of them getting scratches here and there. The imperfection creates ours live more colorful and at ease since nothing is too precious inside our home.

4. Dark Painted Door

Source: kaye.myandroidchief.com

This is paired with great hardware to build an artistic feature around your home. On the contrary, the white doors and trims are out of date. All matching colors feel boring and it is lack of a dramatic statement that we are longing to have this year.

5. Single Print

Source: Pinterest.com

The living room makeovers do not to be too bold. By bringing this simple similar print from floor to ceiling is a great trick to create more drama and style.



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