5 Small Powder Room Ideas 2020: A Biophilic Design. Where Nature Inspires Your Daily Life

Looking for a bathroom trend in 2020? Small powder room ideas in 2020 should never be skipped, moreover if you have already planned for a renovation. So, 2020 is all about Biophilic design. This design puts you to be in touch with nature. This design is inspired by the research that claims people are more efficient and performing, focused and calmer while surrounded by nature. To get into this design is you need to make your powder room as if it has been thrown into nature, which is by integrating many plants as the decor. They can be a standalone tub, a wall full of greenery or a wallpaper with greenery, natural material tiles, and oddly shaped sink. Moreover, the color should be about whites, greens and greys. For lighting fixture, this design needs to mimic the natural light, so you can add a skylight, big windows, or a dimmer.

1. Tubs And Sinks

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Take a look at Japanese bathroom where the natural artisanal vibes and asymmetrical shapes rule the entire bathroom. This design asks you to be okay with imperfections as all you need is back to basic. This happens by installing a standalone tub by the wall, exactly in the middle of the space, or would do fine. For the wash basin, choose natural materials like marble, stone, concrete, etc.

2. Shining Room

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Being natural is by having much light, not only by the lighting fixtures but also by the materials, such as brushed, gold, copper, and shined. Integrate this material on a bathroom vanity and tiling. An open or glass-walled shower will bring more advantage.

3. The color

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This year, the color trends for Small powder room ideas are light yellow, champagne, and pumpkin red.

4. Terazzo

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This material has been loved by designers back then in 2019. They are made of a mix of natural stones, marble and cement that create beautiful finishing. You can opt this material for decorative accessories, counters, wall surfaces and backsplashes.

5. Open Showers

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In term of showers, the open-concept Italian showers are must-have item on this year. They have multi-function features, including misting system, integrated bench, anti-fog mirror, ambient lighting, linear drain, etc. Place this one in the shower area without barrier or at least with a glass wall. Getting this arrangement must create a larger look. Before applying this arrangement, you should think of practically. This shower-bath is beautiful but not for daily basis. As concluded, an open shower and a separate bathtub will be preferable.



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