6 Beautiful and Functional Over the Toilet Bathroom Storage Ideas on Trend 2020

A small bathroom has limited space for storage system. It even has no more space left so the storage inside is reduced both the number and the size. It creates a small bathroom lack of proper and effective bathroom storage. A bathroom normally needs some storages to store toiletries, towels, toilet papers, and so many others. Bathroom storage ideas will help them look well-organized and minimize any clutter possible.

To get you some Bathroom storage ideas on trend 2020 for small bathroom space, we have concluded some most beautiful and functional ideas as follow:

1. Bathroom Shelves

Source: zb.akumal.us

This is a simple and neat idea to be installed over the toilet. We may call it less effort storage system since it just contains of two or more planks. But this idea is effective to store toilet papers, lotion and extra hand soap, towels, and even art pieces. Its simplicity is what makes it more beautiful. You can add a small vase of flowers or greenery to boost extra calming vibe.

2. Recessed Wall Shelves

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They look like a simple shelf but more stylish. Since the size is up to your preference, they can hold extra toiletries, loofas, hand towels, and body towels.

3. Wine Rack

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You may doubt of it at first but it surely can hold extra towels and just need a minute to install. It is not only for your storage system but also gives you a beautiful rustic accessory. Speaking of functionality, it provides extra towel handy so you can shower comfortably.

4. Small Creative Shelf

Source: Pinterest.com

This one is one of the smallest Bathroom storage ideas but in a kind of beauty. Use a small shelf (a big hook can be as well) to be installed on the wall and put a doggy or any other animal doll to hold an extra toilet paper. Though it just gives you one toilet paper, it is better than nothing.

5. Nought And Crosses Shelves

Source: tomorroom.com

A classic tic tac toe game can be a creative idea for your Bathroom storage ideas. Install raw wooden shelves on the wall and arrange your toilet rolls as the noughts. For more, add some painted wooden crosses in the other spaces left. The contrast is created by the white roll paper and the bright colored crosses. It brings back our memory fast while doing our shower.

6. Worn Out Cabinet

Source: decordesigntrends.com

This idea is especially for the antique lover. There are some more spaces to hold your bathroom supplies, like tissue, toilet papers, lotions, hand soap, and even greenery.



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